September 5th – National Cheese Pizza Day


“Every now and then I remember pizza exists, then I just want to eat all the pizza.”

– best tweet I ever read

Pizza is the greatest, and cheese pizza is awesome, and New York City rocks. I love that it is so easy to get pizza quickly, delivered, or with any topping you can imagine. I never thought of pizza as fast food until I got here. Now it’s my go to.

So anyway, I got this cheap $1 slice from a pizza joint on 43rd and 8th in midtown and played MAJOR tourist and took a picture of myself with it.

There is almost no way to do this without looking like a major tourist. Worth it though. For this glamour shot.

Fun fact: I actually did get a picture of me with my pizza smiling, but I just liked this one better.

What’s Tomorrow?

September 6


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