April 13th – National Peach Cobbler Day


Peach Cobbler in the crock pot? Yes I did.

I originally got really excited that I had all ingredients necessary for this, but then I realized that the canned peaches I thought I had were actually pears. Sigh. So, a trip to the grocery store later and here we are.

I divided everything in half except the peaches. I put in a little more than half what was asked.

I got today’s recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen. I based my search on something that would work even if I didn’t have fresh peaches. Also, I wanted something that included cinnamon and vanilla. This recipe fit the mold.

Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.46.53 PM

I put it on low for 1.5 hours, then on high for 2 hours. Around midnight I just had to eat the stuff whether it was ready or not. It was pretty done and cooked on the sides, but runny in the middle still. I’m not sure if that ever would have set though because I put so many peaches in.

It was a lovely midnight snack (literally).

Peach Cobbler always reminds me of church campouts when I was a kid. While this was not as delicious as the stuff they made in the dutch oven, I was pleasantly surprised. Isn’t a crock pot basically an electric dutch oven? I’m glad I only have a tiny one. If I didn’t, I might not half these recipes. Then I’d have an entire crock pot full of peach cobbler.

What’s Tomorrow?

April 14th


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