December 25th – Christmas Day and My Birthday


It’s no secret that I love celebrating. Celebrating Christmas is my favorite thing to do, and I had a wonderful day today.

I often get asked if I hate that my birthday is on Christmas. The answer is absolutely not. I have an amazing family that I get to spend time with each year on my birthday. I don’t know any different, but I know I love this.

Christmas is such a wonderful time for everyone to take a moment to think about what is important. How have I spent the last year and how should I have spent it? I am grateful for this season that gives me a moment to stop and ponder, while also giving me the opportunity to have so many fun activities with family and friends.

It is a very busy time of year, but as long as I make sure to keep my heart in the right place, it can be absolutely wonderful every single time. I love that.

Next year I’ll make a pumpkin pie.

What’s Tomorrow?

December 26


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