April 6th – National Sorry Charlie Day

“On this day, we think about the times in the past that we have been rejected.  It may have been from a boyfriend/girlfriend, from a college, from a job, from a loan application or etc.  Now we can think about how we survived it, made it through it, grew from it and learned from it.” –

It’s through rejection that I have learned some of my greatest lessons. Today is a day to think back on those moments and treasure them.

While I’m nowhere remotely close to perfection, I’ve found that disappointments have helped to both refine and teach me. My reactions to people who have just moved to town, or a new person at work are a direct response to the ways that I have (or haven’t) been welcomed before. The sting of isolation and loneliness reminds me to step out of my shell to forge new friendships.

Somehow, I’ve created a little life for myself. It isn’t lavish, and it’s often boring, but it’s mine. What I have today is because of the challenges I’ve faced, and that makes me grateful. I’m grateful for the colleges and jobs that said no, the friends who didn’t find me worth their time, and the times I’ve had to lower expectations to match reality. These experiences have shown me my strength, perseverance, and creativity.

Life will rarely be easy, but we have the choice to make it fun. So turn rejection in to adventure, disappointment to lessons learned, and heartbreak to opportunity. Breaking up with someone now, means you are one step closer to the one you’ll never lose.

Or so I choose to believe.

April 7th


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