May 26th – National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

I didn’t eat blueberry cheesecake today. I’ve been sick all day, and even thinking about blueberry cheesecake was almost more than I could handle. It’s really too bad. I probably could have made a pretty tasty cheesecake.

So my post today is a shoutout to Carnegie Deli. Their cheesecake is my favorite in New York City. If I’ve got family or friends in town and they say they want New York Cheesecake, that’s where I will take them. A slice is around $10, but it is huge and can easily be shared with 2 or 3 people.

Unfortunately, Carnegie Deli has been closed for a month now because some illegal gas hookup was found. What? Read more about Carnegie Deli siphoning gas here.

So, of course I’m anticipating that the Deli will open soon, but in the meantime I should probably find myself a new location for cheesecake. Hey New Yorkers, if you’ve got any suggestions please let me know.

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May 27th


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