May 31st – National Macaroon Day


I don’t really understand the difference between what I ate today and what I’ve known as a macaroon my whole life (see below).

I found this image, which helped a bit.

I have had these before, but I don’t think I remembered how amazing they are. So much better than the coconut ones.

I was originally looking at recipes, but a friend of mine doesn’t have faith in my abilities and told me that it would be too hard. Probably for the best. I don’t think my kitchen is properly equipped. So I found a bakery near where I was and threw down $2.50 for each of these.


I went to Epicerie Boulud near Lincoln Center. Not only were these things amazing, but I also got some great service over there. I’m so used to people not caring whether or not I’m in their bakery or not, that when someone actually pays attention to me I call it great service. That’s New York for you.

What’s Tomorrow?

We are moving in to June everyone! Check out June’s Calendar at a Glance to get a sense of what we have in store for us this month. As always, I invite you to join in on any of these celebrations.

June 1st


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