June 8th – National Best Friends Day


My life has been so richly blessed with wonderful friends. The people that I have found myself associating with throughout my life are incredible. This post is dedicated to them.

I don’t have many scrapbooks, but I tend to make a lot of memory videos with the photos I’ve taken. I have included some of them here. (You’ll see that I’ve improved slightly over the years.)

Some of these friends were with me when I discovered my love for theatre. They taught me how to use power tools and take blocking notes in a script. I stage managed my first show with only the example of a friend for an indication of what a stage manager actually is. (Thanks Gen!)

I’ve spent countless hours in rehearsals with people so different from me, creating a bond that those not in theatre just can’t understand.

I got on an airplane once with 18 strangers and came back a month later with 17 best friends that I had just walked hundreds of miles with. (This is a long video, but by the end you might want to go on the Camino de Santiago.)

Then there are the ones that

I got lucky and found. We weren’t forced to spend any amount of time together, but we just seemed to keep coming back to each other. They turned in to roommates, travel buddies, sounding boards, comforters, and truth tellers.

These people that I get to call friends have helped me to find myself, discover my passion, recognize my faults, and pursue my dreams. They hug me when I cry, are endlessly patient, and celebrate so many National Days. They are the ones who never make me feel bad when I move to a different state, miss their birthday because I have a show, or do something crazy like shave my head. I am so grateful for my beautiful friends who support me, even if they don’t agree with me. Life would be much too boring if we all agreed all the time.

Happy Best Friends Day. To the kind of friends I can go years without seeing, then pick up right where we left off.

What’s Tomorrow?

June 9th


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