June 11th – National Making Life Beautiful Day

These were my options at my grocery store for National Corn On The Cob Day:


Being used to very fresh and delicious corn, I knew this wasn’t an option, but it did remind me of the brief time in high school when I became a corn distributor.

My dad had a friend whose kids were making bank on buying corn in bulk from farmers and selling it at a stand on the corner. He thought we should give it a try, so my sister and I bought a whole bunch of corn. The trick with this kind of thing, is having a good location. We didn’t have that.

So for like a week, we sat outside in a variety of locations trying to sell corn. I honestly don’t remember selling any. It was bad. Finally, the corn was getting old and would be going bad soon so my manager at the bakery I worked at bought it all. She bought all of our corn at cost and made corn chowder or something for the bakery and my sister and I officially turned in our corn selling badges.

At least we tried.


This is a photo of me with a chocolate cupcake because that’s the closest I could get to German Chocolate Cake Day today.

So I’ve decided to make life beautiful.

I’ve definitely been in a slump the last little while as far as the job. Last year, I made a goal to say yes to everything and it generally went really well. This year I decided to stand up for myself and not be taken advantage of and it isn’t going well at all. That’s theatre for ya.

So, in an effort to get out of this slump, I’ve made a few goals for the next few weeks. I am hoping that if I stick to these, I’ll feel a lot more excited about my life here in New York.

  1. Start the day off at the gym.
  2. Spend 60 min/day outside.
  3. Is it exciting? Is it new? Does it pay well? If any offer has 2 of these things, say YES.

I could go on with other goals about eating more veggies or reading more, but I think it’s better to keep this simple. So, this is my plan for making life beautiful. I think the more optimistic I am about life, the more contagious that will be.

You’ll never know if you will be the next big corn seller if you don’t take a chance.

What’s Tomorrow?

June 12th


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