November 2nd – Lizzie’s 3 Year New Yorkaversary


I can’t believe I’ve lived here for 3 years. It seems like I just got here. It seems like I’ve been here forever.

I celebrated by going to a Brooklyn Nets game. My goal is to attend a game of all the New York teams. Because they have 2 teams for every sport, it’s taking quite a while. Football will probably be last. Those tickets are so expensive.

Stories that reflect I’m feeling about New York Today:

  • I plan to meet a friend in midtown to go to a movie. We start heading to the train together and see one of our other friends who is on her way home from work. Some quick hellos before we part ways for separate trains. The next stop, another friend gets on the train where we are and we chat with her until we get off to go to our movie. As the frequency of running in to friends on the streets of New York increases, it feels more and more like home.
  • I’m waiting in line for a concert. The person in front of me says to her friend, “I’m never going to get used to that.” Trying to figure out what she is talking about, I realize that there is a train underneath us causing the ground to rumble. Apparently I’m used to that.
  • The streets, buildings, and tourist sites are all normal to me. I know how to get there and the best places for a photo op. Then I walk out of a building and the lights are reflecting off the streets that are wet from rain. The cabs are lined up down the street while people hurry, undeterred, to their destination. And I’m happy that New York still surprises me with it’s beauty.

Before this city, I hadn’t stayed anywhere longer than 9 months for several years. Constantly moving was exciting, but also draining. There is significance in being able to plan ahead, have acquaintances extend in to friendships, and settle in to what a life is like when you aren’t on the run.

The results have been wonderful.

I also took this picture for Traffic Controllers Day. She was so confused, but she smiled. Too bad the flash was on.


What’s Tomorrow?

November 3


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