December 1st – National Eat A Red Apple Day


Look at these two tired people eating apples.

Let me tell ya. Today was also National Day With(out) Art Day. I was at the theatre for 14 hours for rehearsal today. My day was full of art, and it was a good day.

I’ve been going back and forth over the past few years on my relationship with theatre. I don’t consider myself a particularly artistic person, but I’ve found myself in this career. If I’m not artistic, do I need to be here to be fulfilled? Could I be just as happy doing other things that are more secure, pay better, and provide a regular schedule?

I don’t think I have an answer to that, but I do know that today was one of my favorite days and it was filled with art. And it was also filled with artistic people who are hard working, and emotional, and vulnerable, and tired, and wonderful to be around.

So for now, I’ll keep it. Because so far, I haven’t found anything better than this.

What’s Tomorrow?

December 2


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