August 1st – 4.4 Miles Of Conversation With An Old Friend

You know those people in your life that you’ve known forever and only see occasionally but you always seem to just pick up right where you left off? Those are special friendships that are a wonderful treasure.

Yesterday I got together with an old friend from High School. Technically, he’s a friend from Junior High who is partly or mostly to blame for my career in theatre. He was playing Charlie Brown in our Jr. High Musical and I really wanted in on what looked like a really fun time. So they let me run sound for the show, one thing led to another, and now I live and work in New York City in theatre. Thanks Isaac.

We took a walking trail that led us through some really nice neighborhoods here in Utah. If this had been New York, the trail would have been crazy busy with runners and other pedestrians, but we only passed a handful of people. It was great to catch up as we made our way towards Mordor.


I’m so grateful for this guy and the special friendship that we have. And I’m grateful that he cares enough about me to have the conversations that matter.

If you ever feel like you have a relationship that needs some TLC, go for a walk together. Walking leads to talking, and talking is always good.


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    We walked nearly five miles!? (Thanks for all the sweet things you said–I hope you know the feeling is mutual. I’m very lucky to have your friendship.)

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