April 8th – National Empanada Day


A few weeks ago I learned how to make empanadas at a church dinner. I filled them and folded them and felt pretty cool about myself. Today was not a day to set off my fire alarm though, so I decided to leave it to the professionals.

Fortunately, I found an empanada place that is open 24/7. New York City for the win.

I went to my first Knicks game tonight with Tali (they lost), and afterwards made her walk in the rain with me to this place. I’m not sure how she felt about the whole thing, but I think it was worth it. These little guys were delicious, and about $3. They are cheaper and bigger up in Harlem, but the bonus of this place was the variety and hours of operation. To me it was worth it.

Empanada Mama on 50th Street and 9th Avenue. This will be a place I recommend to people when they are in midtown wondering where to get something cheap and quick to eat. You can eat in, or on a nice day order it to go. I got the Cheese and the Cuban. Tali got something with Spinach and Cheese. We were both pleased.

I dare you to go to their website and not get hungry.

What’s Tomorrow?

April 9th


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