October 28th – National Chocolate Day


It’s National Chocolate Day!!!!

It was also the first rehearsal for this new show I’m working on and I was just too shy to invite everyone to be in the picture. Good thing this crazy lady knows all about these National Day Celebrations from the last show I worked on.

She said, “I’ll take a picture with you, because I’m in on the secret.”


If you can’t tell, we are eating chocolate cupcakes.

I went to a party the other day where there was a book with information on every day of the year. You were supposed to find your date of birth and supposedly it would tell you all about yourself. As a skeptic, I had a stranger at the party give me a random birthday. I assumed that no matter which day you look at, it will feel like it is very accurately describing you.

I was right for the first few sentences, but that’s about it. Then I turned to my birthday. It was nuts. Down to things like (paraphrasing), this person likes to do things that make the every day more exciting and fun. Sometimes through creativity, dance, the arts, or just their imagination. aka – this blog.

At the end it talked about how I could become addicted to chocolate.

So true.

What’s Tomorrow?

October 29


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