November 8th – National Parents As Teachers Day

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We learn so much from our parents. Whether it’s through good or bad example, we learn about the person we want to become through these people who are learning as they go too. They are just little farther along.

I have a great dad that raised 4 girls. Here’s a list of 10 things he taught me. Of course I could go on forever, but 10 seems like a solid number. Feel free to leave a comment with some things your parents taught you.

  1. How to ski. We just followed his path down the mountain until we were good enough to make our own.
  2. Always wear a watch when you travel out of the country.
  3. Being a woman doesn’t change what you can do and accomplish. You’re the only girl on the soccer team? Who cares. Go play soccer and have fun.
  4. Knowledge is important. Never stop learning.
  5. If you read books, you will always have something to talk about.
  6. It is possible to be supportive of your daughter that moves to New York to do Theatre even if you don’t understand it, worry for her financial well being, and prefer she’d gone in to Business Management.
  7. Traveling the world is doable for everyone, and it’s important.
  8. Being kind is always an option.
  9. Take pictures. Take videos. Even of the normal every day stuff.
  10. If you aren’t sure how to do something, it might be really scary. Especially if you are doing it by yourself. But if you work at it every day, eventually you’ll get really good. Like being a parent to four little girls.

You might even end up being the very best.


 We just followed his path until we were good enough to make our own.

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