February 20th – National Cherry Pie Day


Yay Cherry Pie! This is not quite the season for Cherry Pie, so the places you’d go for a freshly made pie weren’t offering cherry. We ended up going to Moonstruck Diner. It wasn’t the greatest pie in the world. It was diner pie. But there was plenty of seating available, the price was reasonable, and the service was good.

I’d go back. I love diners.

Today is also National Love Your Pet Day. My original plan was to adopt a cat today. I’ve spent the past few weeks getting ready to add a feline to my household. Unfortunately/fortunately plans had to change. Adoption will have to wait because I’m going to be fostering a friend’s cat for the next few months. It was quite serendipitous that just as I declared myself ready, she had an urgent need for someone to look after her cat. So, I finished getting ready for that to happen, because she’s coming tomorrow!

I’m sure she’ll be included in some of my posts very soon.

What’s Tomorrow?

February  21


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