March 9th – National Napping Day

What’s better than a quick siesta in the middle of the day?! Not much, that’s for sure.

Today when I lay down to “rest my eyes,” this little one decided it was the perfect time to sit on my stomach and stare at me.


To be fair, my room was getting a little cold due to open windows. This cat and I are still getting used to each other. Napping together definitely took it in the right direction.

I’ve found that when using music to fall asleep, it’s better if it is music I don’t know. So today I listened to a playlist on 8Tracks. Have you ever used that site? It’s a bunch of playlists with at least 8 tracks. Quite perfect for falling asleep to actually.

Today’s playlist was After School Nap.

What’s Tomorrow?

March 10


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