March 29th – National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day


I made a lemon chiffon cake day today! It is tasty and I had fun. I’ve added a few things to my kitchen since the last time I baked something. A wooden spoon, 2 rubber spatulas, and a hand mixer. All of these things were used today and it made everything SO MUCH EASIER. Getting stiff peaks from the egg whites only took a few minutes!

I used the Lemon Chiffon Cake from Betty Crocker. I chose this recipe because it used All Purpose Flour instead of cake flour. The only ingredients I didn’t already have was the lemons and cream of tartar. (Go me.)

It turned out great. I divided the recipe in half, then put the batter in the only two pans I have. A small loaf pan and a muffin tin.


The best part was definitely the glaze. If I could do it over again, I would not divide the glaze recipe in half and have much more on both the cupcakes and the cake.

Another bonus from tonight? The fire alarm didn’t go off! I recently set a fan on top of our table aimed at the window. Every time I use the oven I open the window and turn on the fan. So far so good!

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