March 28th – Something On A Stick Day

My goal today was to have a chicken kebab. So, I found place called Red Chili Indian Cafe and ordered the Grilled Kebab Platter. I’ve only eaten Indian Food a few times in my life so I don’t really know much about it. So I didn’t really know what I was ordering, but I was hungry and excited.

This is what it looked like when it arrived.


That doesn’t look like a kebab to me. Isn’t it supposed to be on a stick?

Obviously, I still ate it, and it was still DELICIOUS. I just wish I hadn’t spent so much money on it for National Something On A Stick Day.

Fortunately, I’d purchased this as a backup plan. (Always have a Plan B, kids.)


When I was hungry and thinking about what to order, I googled “food on a stick.” This may be the single greatest thing I have ever googled. I want to eat all the things.

Food On A Stick Images

What’s Tomorrow?

March 29


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