April 11th – National Pet Day


One of my reasons for moving out of my old apartment was so that I could get a cat. My cat adoption plans have been put on hold however, while I foster this little terror named Xena. If you knew her, you’d be amazed that she let me take this picture. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever dared to pick her up.

This is the angriest cat I’ve ever met. She will hiss at the slightest provocation, and most people are just scared of her. Fortunately, she and I have had a lot of time to get to know each other. She still hisses at me all the time, but she also lets me pet her and she snuggles with me at night.

Even with this cat that is very grouchy, I can easily see the benefits of having a pet. Life can be lonely, and New York City can be even worse. It’s nice to have a living thing to take care of and show me a little love. Xena and I have gotten close, but I am looking forward to adopting my own cat that I can really bond with.

And let’s be honest. Some days I think I talk to this cat more than I talk to human beings.

What’s Tomorrow?

April 12th


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