October 10th – Stage Manager Day

I was pretty excited to be able to spend Stage Manager Day working on a show. That probably won’t always be the case, so I’m grateful.

I’m not one of those people who says that the show couldn’t go on without the Stage Manager. There would still be theatre. There was theatre without Stage Managers. For hundreds – thousands of years.

The SM is just one of the many cogs in the machine. That beautiful machine of wonderful people all doing incredibly important jobs. It’s a team of directors, designers, crew members, cast members, board operators, house management, and a stage manager keeping everyone in communication. We all have a job. It won’t all collapse if someone stumbles, but when we all play our part well – the show is better for it.

Some days are better than others, but we all try to do our jobs well. The hope is that the show is better because we are a part of it.


Theatre people are generous, hard working, creative, talented, and supportive. I consider it an honor and blessing to be counted among them.

What’s Tomorrow?

October 11


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