May 8th – 3.5 Miles

I officially entered The Old Forest and was able to move my marker from Hobbiton on the map.


I’m making progress!

I’ll be in the forest for a while. Our Hobbits had a lot of experiences in The Old Forest, including meeting Tom Bombadil. I won’t be able to move the marker again until Bree, which is at 135 miles. (All daily mileage info based on LOTR Project.)

The park was beautiful today. It has warmed up finally, but there was a nice breeze that only got annoyingly strong a few times. Everyone was out having picnics with their moms. It was just a wonderful day in nyc.

Personally, Mother’s Day is always hit or miss with me. It’s a tough holiday, but today went really well. The children and mothers I saw made me smile, not sad. So I guess I’m in a decent head space. That’s rare!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read this blog. The ones who love Lord of the Rings, and tales of strangers going on long walks and ticking off the miles.

All 3 of you.


The greatest challenge I will face in my walk, as compared to the Hobbits, is that I’m often walking the same road over and over again, while they were on a trail that was constantly changing. The monotony of this may start to wear on me as the days go by, but that’s how life is, right? Sometimes we are on an exciting road that is constantly changing, and other times we get familiarity and the comfort of sameness. There is beauty in both of those roads, even when it’s harder to see.

Listening To: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 


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