May 10th – 4 Miles

I started working on a new show today and it’s taken me to a different part of town. One of the nice parts about freelancing in theatre. I took today’s walk during the dinner break and ended up in Washington Square Park.

Washington Square Park is awesome. There is always something interesting to see or watch. Today it was a guy practicing circling in a ring.

Like this:

The guy I saw today wasn’t this good. He fell a few times and was obviously just practicing. My first thought was, good for him for being brave enough to learn something like that where so many people could see him. I’m rarely that brave.

Favorite Photo:


Why is it so hard for us to just love each other?

Also – #fervrently

As I was walking and listening to my book, I got excited for when I’ll be walking and listening to Lord of the Rings. I’m totally going to start including quotes when that time comes.

Listening To: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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