May 15th – 5.4 Miles

In the blink of an eye, we’ve met then left Tom Bombadil’s. That was quick!

With my new job starting this week, I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to solely going for walks. So I racked up miles by getting off the train a few stops early and working those walks in to my commute. That was helpful, and will be one of the secrets to my success on this journey.

Today, I was back in Central Park on a walk to church. It was a chilly morning, so absolutely perfect for a walk.


If I hadn’t been on a time crunch, I would have stopped to watch this game. I stayed for a few pitches then continued on my way.

At one point I got behind a gentleman who was walking at the same pace I was. We crossed the street together and started following a path in the grass that had been worn down to dirt. A young guy in front of us was doing the same, so the three of us continued on for a while. Walking on a small dirt path felt much more like walking through the Shire than anything else I’d done so far.

At one point the dirt path got close to the curb, so the young guy just started walking on the curb like a balance beam.

So did the older gentleman right in front of me.

So did I.

I imagine it would’ve looked funny to see these three adults walking in a line on the curb like that. Especially since we were just three strangers on a path.

It only lasted a short time before the young guy decided to check his phone. (Checking your phone leads you to slowing your walking pace significantly, as well as swerving on the sidewalk. This is proven.) So the older gentleman and I returned to the dirt path and continued on together for another 10 minutes or so before he turned left and I went right.

Sometimes it’s nice to have company on the road. Even strangers.

So I’ve walked 100 miles so far, in just over a month. This gives me a decent idea of my time frame, although I do wonder how long I’ll be able to maintain this mileage. Walking this far every day is very time consuming. I’m having a great time though. So far so good.


I completed Harry Potter 4 on my walk home last night, so I will be diving in to Book 5 tomorrow. I think I’ll probably be able to finish Harry Potter before I get to Weathertop (229 miles).

Only 30 miles before I make it to The Prancing Pony!

Listening To: My Shazam Tracks



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