May 26th – 2.7 Miles

I’ve arrived at The Prancing Pony in Bree!

I would like to note that The Hobbits did spend a chunk of the past several miles on ponies. I didn’t though. I’ve been walking. It feels great to get over the mountains and out of the Shire.

I will need to purchase a new pair of shoes soon.


This is the point in the hobbits’ journey when they truly leave their comfort zone. If you’ve ever been on a journey or moved to a new place you know the feeling of that moment that makes you realize “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Whether it’s seeing that signs in Greece are actually in Greek, no longer being able to trust any water that isn’t bottled, or being a minority in the room for the first time in your life, I think this is an important feeling to have. The greatest lessons I’ve ever learned were when I was out of my comfort zone. Is it possible to learn lessons any other way?

So maybe, this week, we should all do something that scares us.


Listening To: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince



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    Congrats on making it this far! And I agree with your thoughts about the importance of being a bit uncomfortable in order to learn. When I read the part about us all doing something this week that scares us, I literally thought, “Okay. What can I do this week that sca— oh, I got this. I’ll get married.” Check. (I’m excited too, just for the record.) 🙂

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      Lol Sharon! Best example of something being scary but way worth it. I’m so sad to be missing it.

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        I’ll miss you! Thanks for being so happy for us!

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