May 29 through June 6th – 30 miles


These stickers started appearing around the city several weeks ago. I’ve only ever seen them placed on the curb. Doesn’t it just lift your spirits a little bit to see that? Amazing.

This past week has been spent working several jobs. Though I’ve had plenty of opportunities to walk, I haven’t had the chance to blog about it.

My walks have taken me along the East Side on a Sunday Morning, Union Square in the evening, and Washington Square Park in the morning.




Now that it’s officially summer here in New York, walking is much slower going. It’s hot, sweaty, and the streets are filled to the brim with tourists. Except in the mornings on weekends, as you can see from those photos above.

There was one evening last week that was the end of a rough day. I was frustrated and just ready to get home, but none of the trains were running very well and I had to keep trying to find alternate routes. Finally, I just went to the location that I knew some friends were, and ended up walking a few miles home with them. That walk, and their company were able to pull me out of my angry mood, and I was all smiles when I finally got home. That’s why I love walking. And walking is always better with friends. But most things are.

My journey through Mordor now has me in the Marshes. Strider is leading us along slowly but surely.

I took a break from Harry Potter this week, and have been listening to music. It’s nice to change it up.

Listening To: My Shazam Tracks, Waitress Musical, Summer 2016 Playlist


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