June 10th – 4.5 Miles through Midtown East

This was a tough one. All the people. Just…so many people.

I met my friend for lunch in midtown, than walked down Park Avenue to the theatre, to go to work. I love this city. I really do. But I also hate it. Because so many people.

Still, I managed to put in my headphones and put myself in another world for a little bit.


Today I have been listening to a podcast called The Compass. Leah Walsh, who is a friend of mine and has the perfect voice for a podcast, interviews artists on what they do to prevent themselves from crossing over to the dark side. If you are an artist, know artists, want to understand artists better, or just want ideas on how to cope with life – listen to The Compass. Everyone has an interesting story to tell.

At one point during my walk I saw a man looking at his phone walk into a pothole filled with water, trip, and drop his phone. He was OK, but his phone wasn’t.

Let this be a lesson to all you walking and texting.

Listening To: The Compass Podcast – Episode 34


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