January 22nd – National Blondie Brownie Day


Today I made Blondie Brownies for the first time.

It ended up being kind of a process because I didn’t have a 9×9 pan. I looked all over my neighborhood and finally settled on some muffin tins. So they were Blondie Brownie Muffins.

This is the recipe I used: Blonde Brownies I

I didn’t put walnuts in, because why ruin a good thing. I also mixed the chocolate chips in instead of just putting them on top. I think they turned out pretty good. I took them to rehearsal, which is where this photo was taken. This is the first National Day they are celebrating with me. Hopefully the first of many. #teambonding

The whole baking process was a high stress situation because THE SMOKE ALARM WOULD NOT STOP GOING OFF.

Seriously. Why are smoke alarms so sensitive?! This was the first time I used the oven in my new apartment. The alarm went off the first time when it was preheating, then again just as I was putting them in. I ended up opening the windows all the way and standing in the hall waving a hoodie at the smoke detecter. I really hope I don’t have to do that every time, but somehow I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m not going to get too stressed about it though. I set the smoke alarm off every time I use an oven for the first time in a new place. It’s kind of a tradition.

What’s Tomorrow?

January 23


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