February 23rd – National Banana Bread Day


My Gran made amazing banana bread. Today I tried out her recipe for the first time. It makes a lot, so we actually made 3 different loaves. 2 of them had chocolate chips. Yum.

Here is the recipe:


We had 1 real pan and 2 tinfoil pans. The real pan turned out the best, in my opinion. Unfortunately the other two ended up pretty dry. We did cook for almost 2 hours at a little over 260 degrees. I think it’s an art that I’ll have to tune. Still, it felt good to be doing something Gran did all the time.

Even when I make it perfectly, it will never taste as good as Gran’s. Things just taste so much better when they are made with that much love.

*I also learned how to turn the smoke detector off in my apartment! No more holding up fans, opening all the windows, and panicking every time I want to bake something.

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February 24


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