January 15th – National Hat Day


If you are new to the blog, you may not know that I used to have a lot of hair. In September I shaved my head to raise money for children’s cancer research through St. Baldrick’s Foundation. I raised money and donated my hair to Wigs for Kids. (See that post here.)

When people hear about this blog and that I celebrate something every day, they always ask two questions.

1- What’s today?

2- What has been your favorite thing so far?

I am a person that doesn’t really have favorites, but the day that always springs to mind is September 19th. Of all the things I’ve done, it’s the most drastic and life changing. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because of all that hair, I very rarely wore hats. I just didn’t like the way it looked. So, along with all the many other ways that a shaved head has changed my life, I also get to wear more hats now.

I celebrated today by creating a place to store my hats at my new apartment.

I used these pegs from IKEA, with some hooks underneath for my purse and either coat or scarves (or both). The plan is to put another row above these when I get more. Every single one of these is a post shaved head addition to my collection.

What’s Tomorrow?

January 16


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