January 27th – National Chocolate Cake Day


I was pretty nervous last night that Chocolate Cake might not be possible today. Winter Storm Juno was heading straight for us here in New York and there was basically a city wide shut down. Being the not so awesome planner that I am, I didn’t buy ingredients for chocolate cake when I was buying water and other emergency food supplies (chips and salsa).

Fortunately (and unfortunately), the storm didn’t hit NYC as hard as anticipated. I had been looking forward to the 30 inches. That would have been so fun!

We did have enough to make the city wide snow day a fun one. After a morning sledding in Central Park, my friend and I made it to this cute Cafe on the East Side for some Lava Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum!

It was Nectar Cafe on Madison and 82nd. Not only was our Lava cake delicious, but the environment was also quite nice. Small, welcoming, affordable, and delicious. Just what you’re looking for in a Cafe/Diner.

I’d love to head back to this place for a meal.

January 28


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