January 28th – National Have Fun At Work Day


I feel lucky most of the time that I’m in rehearsal. As far as jobs go, I think I’ve got a really fun one.

I work as a Stage Manager in theatre.

I’m in charge of keeping rehearsals on time and productive, and facilitating communication between the director, actors, and designers during the rehearsal process. Once the show opens, I am responsible for helping the show run smoothly, organizing props, set, costumes, the crew, and calling over headset any cues.

It’s always changing, there are always new friends to make, and dull moments are just rewards for when we’ve done a good job.

My favorite thing about this business is the camaraderie that comes with creating and running a show with a group of people. We rely on and trust each other in a unique way. I have worked with the most wonderful people and am so honored to call them my friends.

It’s also nice to be in a room creating something. Today’s rehearsal involved a lot of discussion, symbolism, and just trying things to “see if it works.” We spent 4 hours on a 1.5 minute moment in the show, but it was time well spent, and we all felt pretty good about it afterwards.

So today was a fun day at work. Tomorrow will be too.

What’s Tomorrow?

January 29


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